Cable Modem & DSL Setups and Troubleshooting

Did you know you can save yourself up to $20 each and every month by replacing your cable company’s or telephone company’s modems?  Well, you can.  Hidden on your monthly bills are likely leased equipment that tally up significant dollars over the course of a year.  But there’s an easy way to keep the money in your pocket.  And improve performance, too.  Here’s how:

Let us replace your your leased equipment with the very latest technology.  Not only will you save on monthly costs, in many cases you will also get higher performance.

And, if you’re having trouble with your current modems, we offer professional diagnostics and repair — to get you back up and running, fast.

We keep top-of-the-line modems in stock.  So we can hot-swap your equipment and get you up and running again — fast.

Save money.  Improve performance.  And maximize your technology investment.  Contact us for a free quote.  Just click here.

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